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Jason and Amy


Jason and Amy threw the greatest carnival themed wedding I could ever imagine on a warm sunny day in Livermore. Games, rides, good food and Jason’s homebrews were all amazing. This is their first dance caught in the afternoon sun.

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Julia & Reid’s Wedding

My sister and now brother in-law pulled off the greatest do-it-yourself wedding a couple weeks ago. They pulled help from friends to help with practically everything including the location, flowers, centerpieces, heat lamps… the list goes on and on. As usher and photographer, I definitely had my hands full but it was an amazing time. […]

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Jeannie & Robbie

Caught this moment while Jeannie & Robbie were watching their wedding slideshow. It’s a good thing there was a backup projector because the original one crapped out right before it was supposed to begin.

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Girl watching Newlyweds

I saw this girl from across the reception hall sitting neatly and watching the newlyweds, Jeannie and Robbie, do the most unconventional dance routine I’ve ever seen. I particularly like the semi-reflection of the girl in the floor. I attempted hand coloring the girl with everything else black and white but liked this version better.

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Girish & Angie: Old Wall

Girish, Angie and I spent the late afternoon near Baker beach where a lot of photographers go for engagement and wedding photos. We stumbled on these old concrete walls after the sun had already set and thought they’d make a nice backdrop.